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1 Decembrie 2023,
Ora 17:00

Interzis sub 15 ani

Selecție realizată de Florian Zapra

Durata: 111 min.

Intrarea gratuită


Producător, actor şi regizor, Florian a produs scurtmetrajul Clowns, nominalizat la Underground Cinema Film Awards, apoi a fondat festivalul de scurtmetraje și muzică din Dublin (DISFMF). A jucat în producţii variate precum Asterix și Obelix în Slujba Majestății Sale, documentarul-dramă Reginele Egiptului Antic sau piesa de teatru Normal la Smock Alley Theatre din Dublin, iar ca regizor a debutat în 2022 cu lungmetrajul Fantasy-Horror Katharina.

Connected (12’)

Regia / Directed by: Daniele Guarnera

EXELCIA and ANGLE love each other even If they do not know it yet, Ben their owner mistreats ANGLE, his Al (artificial intelligence) daily, which acts as his personal assistant, while he always has a kind word for the sophisticated EXELCIA.

Internet of Things with „Connected”, in Ben’s house, gives life to a comedy that makes us reflect, on the tremendous power our technological gadgets have in our lives.

ANGLE, EXELCIA and Siri together with the video intercom and the stove actively meddle in Ben’s choices by organising a lunch for him where they invite both his girlfriend and his lover, to awaken him to the consciousness that seems to have been lost: and not only by Ben.

Da Capo- The Town of Music (25’)

Directed by / Regia: Darc Mavid

Our protagonist Alien lives in „Da Capo“, a music city where every genre has its own district. Alien is born into the royal jazz family of the major, but he wants to play funk since he can remember. There is only one way out. He has to challenge his brother, the major of Jazz District, to a Jam-Off to get free and immigrate to Funk District.

Frequency (16’)

Regia / Directed by: Aleksander Szeser

A routine evening of a young babysitter turns into a real nightmare when the AI system supervising the house begins to receive the secret commands of someone, or something, who is clearly dissatisfied with her presence in this house.

Lips and Tips (30’)

Regia / Directed by: Christian Koch

Melanie, a hard working flight attendant, arrives late at night at her home airport. She only wants to go home and get some sleep. But someone is watching her. As she enters the parking garage someone is talking to her, but this person seems to have sinister plans for her. Melanie manages to escape the stranger. She arrives at her home but someone followed her or did she know this person? Will Melanie survive this night of terror and find out what is going on?

ShadowBan (10’)

Regia / Directed by: Shane W. Brennan

Late on Halloween night, Fiona is out delivering products from her “side hustle”, but never missing an opportunity for content she is live streaming the journey. As the wannabe influencer follows her GPS through the maze of Ireland’s ancient roads, she gets stopped at a surprising temporary traffic light. Fiona waits on the abandoned road with only her phone for company, but the green light doesn’t come. She becomes impatient and tries to drive away when the sensors on her car begin to act strangely. Is it technical issues or something more sinister?

The Universal Institution of Soul Management (14’)

Regia / Directed by: Daria Danilā

Erik is killed. Jayden, Lucas, Jessie and Nicole are gathered and it is explained to them that after someone dies the first 4 most important people in their life must decide what will happen to their soul. If they fail to make a decision within an hour, Erik’s soul will be thrown into the void and lost forever.

Wormhole in the washer (18’)

Regia / Directed by: Paireac Keane

When his socks go missing in the wash, a struggling science-fiction writer discovers a portal to a parallel universe in his washing machine where he meets a better version of himself; or so it seems.